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10 March 2021

Managing sibling relationships in foster care

A certain amount of arguing or fighting is normal amongst siblings. Known as ‘sibling rivalry’, this kind of conflict is not all bad. Having a sibling – whether a biological or foster brother or sister – helps...

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11 February 2021

Foster care: enriching the whole family

Many foster carers say that giving a child in need a safe home is one of the most rewarding experiences they’ve ever had. But what about the effect on other children in the family? If you’re thinking of fostering,...

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11 January 2021

Letting go: when the foster care placement ends

In Part 3 of our Loss and Grief series, learn about how loss and grief affects foster carers and how you can prepare for saying ‘good bye’ to a child in your care.

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09 November 2020

Your partner in care: the role of the Challenge Case Worker

As much as foster carers love the children in their care and find the experience hugely rewarding, being a foster carer can be frustrating, exhausting or even overwhelming at times. For many foster carers, their case...

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19 November 2019

5 myths about foster care you probably didn't know

In Australia, NSW has the highest number of children aged 0-17 in the out-of-home-care system needing a safe home. While there are many caring individuals and families opening up their homes and lives to foster...

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