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07 June 2021

Giving a child a second chance

Recently retired and finding themselves with an almost empty nest, Glenda and Phil discovered they still had a lot to give. With their own son and daughter now in their 20s, becoming foster carers was a logical next...
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10 March 2021

Managing sibling relationships in foster care

A certain amount of arguing or fighting is normal amongst siblings. Known as ‘sibling rivalry’, this kind of conflict is not all bad. Having a sibling – whether a biological or foster brother or sister – helps...

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11 February 2021

Foster care: enriching the whole family

Many foster carers say that giving a child in need a safe home is one of the most rewarding experiences they’ve ever had. But what about the effect on other children in the family? If you’re thinking of fostering,...

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26 November 2020

Building relationships at Christmas: the opportunity and the challenge

Christmas is a happy time for many children and families. But for parents with children in care, it can be a sad reminder that their children will be spending Christmas with another family. At this emotional time of...

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18 September 2020

Opening their homes: giving children in need a future

When a newborn comes into the world dependent on methamphetamines, they need a very special kind of care. So, when baby Melissa* was referred to Challenge Community Services for out of home care, we contacted our...

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14 August 2020

A place to call home

Having a family was always part of Orla’s life plan. Growing up, it never occurred to her that circumstance would take her down a less conventional path. Sometimes surprising, often challenging and at times...

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