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29 April 2020

Tech Talk: Helping teens stay safe online

In Part 1 of our Tech Talk series, find out how you can help teens protect their privacy and stay safe online. While our series focuses on teenagers, the general safety principles in this article apply to children as...

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16 April 2020

How to Support Your Teen’s Identity

The main developmental task for young people is to figure out who they are and where they fit in in the world. Teenagers are learning how to be an adult and this transition can include becoming more independent,...

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08 April 2020

Finding a vocation in an unlikely place

When their daughter turned 16, Brenda knew she still had an abundance of mothering to give. That was 21 years ago. Since then, Brenda and husband Jack have helped turn around the lives of over 50 children needing...

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02 April 2020

3 Ways to Build Your Teenager’s Resilience

Teenagers live in an emotional state. They are caught between feeling like a child and the desire to be more independent. But, for adolescents in foster care, the transition to adulthood can be even more challenging.

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